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We Work for You:
At Spot On Carpet Cleaning every job counts. This means that there is not a job too small or big. We do not skip any steps, every job is important and it is our duty to provide our customers with the best service and precision as possible.
Safe Chemicals:
Our Chemicals are - biodegradable, safe and pet friendly. Most carpet cleaners leave behind foam and chemical residue on your carpets and within the padding. Our Rotovac 360 penatrates and rotates wiping away previous cleaners residue, red dirt and grime leaving your home or officers carpets cleaner and softer than ever!
Protect Your Home:
Most carpet cleaning companies use long hoses that drag throughout your home, which is great BUT they ding up your walls! However, we carefully protect and pad your walls/corners to ensure we do not ding or scrape them.
The Best Carpet Cleaning You'll Ever See:
We use the Rotovac 360i. Most carpet cleaners use what is called a "Wand" the wand only goes over your carpet once and sprays hot water, then vacuums it back up. An ordinary wand does not have the power nor function to deep clean your carpets. Our Rotovac 360i uses hot water extraction deeply penetrating your carpet removing red dirt, grime, shadowing, previous carpet cleaner residue and tough stains leaving your st. george carpets cleaner, softer and dryer than the traditional wand! The Rotovac 360i literally restores your carpet and brings it back to life, as if it were new! The Rotovac is by far the best carpet cleaning machine in the industry, why settle for anything less than the best?

Carpet Cleaning St. George Utah
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